Pickle 2024 Wedding Fashion Trends Report

Our inaugural guide combines data-backed trends and expert insights from celebrity fashion stylists to help the Pickle community embrace a more stylish, circular, and affordable wedding season. Read the report.

Wedding Guest Timeline


With over 100,000 items spanning 2,000 brands and a community of tens of thousands, Pickle has undeniably become a go-to destination for sourcing coveted occasion pieces—a Rodarte dress for a summer getaway, a vintage Chanel flap bag for a night out, or a sold-out mini Arcina Ori dress for dinner with friends—as a way to keep pace with the ever-changing trend cycle that’s not only easy on our wallets but also on the planet. 


For these reasons, we’re seeing our community open up and circulate their closets like never before for the 2024 wedding season.


Welcome To The 2024 Wedding Season

Dressing for your wedding this summer (or for the weddings of each of your 12 friends) is downright expensive.  

Brides are spending an average of $2,000 on a wedding dress—and that’s just one dress. You have the bridal shower, the engagement photos, the engagement party, the bachelorette weekend, the document signing at the courthouse, the welcome party, the wedding day, the wedding night, the morning-after brunch, the honeymoon… 

In total, wedding guests spend over $600 on average per wedding, with a quarter of it reserved for wedding day attire alone. Tack on the welcome party outfit or, if you’re a bridesmaid, the additional dress demands, and the number just keeps adding up—not surprising that 62% have taken on debt to cover the costs.

The dozens of outfits can easily wreak havoc on the environment as well, not only because of the number of occasions, but also because we’re typically wearing these pieces once, maybe two, or three times. For context, it takes more than 2,700 liters of water, on average, to produce a dress, which is more than three years’ worth of drinking water. Zooming out, fashion production has become the second-largest industrial polluter, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions, which means that there’s one truckload of clothing that’s getting landfilled or burned by the second. 


A Community Redefining Wedding Fashion

The drive to soften fashion’s environmental impact, while having easy access to the latest styles of the season without breaking the bank, is overwhelmingly clear in our data and in our community’s stories. You’re increasingly defaulting to renting instead of buying new. Searches for wedding-related items on Pickle are surging 85% compared to last month, while offers for wedding-related items are up by 74%. 

Brides are finding clever ways to reduce their wedding budgets—like Taylor who recently rented her Mexico honeymoon outfits on Pickle (her picks: Cult Gaia’s Floreana Dress and PatBo’s Teal Dress). Others are recouping their upfront wardrobe investments and breathing new life into items they only planned to wear for that special occasion—like Hannah, who wore Zimmermann’s floral applique dress to her welcome party. She’s rented the dress 12 times (mostly for bridal showers) and not only paid off her purchase but is now making passive income off of it. 

Wedding guests are also sourcing looks with the intent to recirculate—like Madi Kahn, who invested in Retrofete’s Butterfly dress for her friend’s Vegas bachelorette party and has since rented it 18 times, primarily to other bachelorette attendees. She also scored a Galvan bridesmaid dress from The RealReal, which she’s already listed for rentals on the other side of her friend’s wedding.


Introducing Pickle’s Wedding Fashion Trends Report

We’ve compiled everything in our Pickle Wedding Fashion Trends Report. The shoppable guide combines months of data uncovering everything from top brands with surging demand to styles commanding the greatest earnings, as well as expert analysis from wardrobe stylist Zoe Gofman (behind Shanina Shaik, Adriana Lima, Paulina Gretsky, Yesly Dimate’s style) and wardrobe stylist and SI Swimsuit fashion editor Margot Zamet (who dresses Brooks Nadar, Xandra, and Camille Kostek to name a few). 


The Key Takeaways

  • Arcina Ori, Rat & Boa, and Realisation Par are brand MVPs for renters and lenders this wedding season.
  • Arcina Ori: #3 in most in-demand brands, dominating the top-10 most-wanted items list; #5 for brands to rent now to maximize earnings
  • Rat & Boa: #5 in most in-demand brands; #9 in searches; #2 for brands to rent now to maximize earnings
  • Realisation Par: #4 in most in-demand brands, with its Marie Dress ranking #7 for most-wanted items;  #1 brand to rent now to maximize earnings
  • Zimmermann and Acler are the brands to get your hands on this wedding season having seen the biggest spikes in demand
  • Demand for sparkly styles (metallics, sequins, and iridescence) is higher than NYE levels 
    • Brands known for incorporating shimmer are seeing surging demand in searches and offers and, as a result, commanding high earnings for lenders—like Retrofete (43% month-over-month offer volume growth and #8 in brands to rent now to maximize earnings) and Asta Resort (#6 in searches and brands to rent now to maximize earnings)
  • Pastel dresses are a core part of the summer wedding guest wardrobe, and some are proving very lucrative investments for lenders.
    • Anna October’s pale yellow Tulip dress is #9 in most in-demand items and the number of offers for the brand’s dresses has skyrocketed 110% in the past month;  as a result, expect this dress to command even more profits for lenders this wedding season (some have made over $1200 in the past year alone)
  • Shoppers are gravitating toward modern boho chic for summer weddings as reflected in our top-10 list of most in-demand brands.
    • Cult Gaia, Reformation, Zimmermann, Alexis, Rat & Boa are brands commanding the strongest demand by offering fresh and timeless takes on early 2000s boho that are versatile enough for any wedding event.
  • There’s a bias to be sexier this summer with sheers, backless dresses, sumptuous silks, and body-hugging silhouettes.
    • Demand for brands and styles that are more risque are highly coveted: Christopher Esber’s cutout dresses, Arcina Ori’s silks and sheers, House of CB’s corsets, and Meshki’s backless gowns
  • People are seeking out gowns for summer weddings
    • “Gowns” rank #15 for  most searched words and floor-length styles snag 9 of the 10 spots for most-wanted items
  • There’s a continued desire to keep luxury “quiet” 
    • “Black” ranks #5 for most-searched words with black dresses getting nearly 3x more offers than dresses in other colors
  • Skirts are increasingly becoming a go-to for wedding guests

The Application

While the shoppable report can (and should) be a resource for smartly styling this season’s of-the-moment trends, rediscovering the joy of putting together an outfit for that special event, and giving you fresh and effective cost-per-wear alternatives for your treasured wardrobe investments, we also hope it inspires a more circular approach to this and future wedding seasons. And, the best part? It’s easy to make subtle updates that have a big impact, especially en masse. 


  • Embrace the “one in, one out” approach: for every item purchased new for a wedding event this season, extend its number of wears by listing it for rent on Pickle or loaning it to a friend.
  • Wear at least one pre-loved dress for each wedding this season: whether it’s a dress you wore last year, borrowed from a friend, or will rent from someone on Pickle just a few blocks away, making the swap softens the demand to produce new. 
  • Take inventory of your closet: identify the clothes and accessories that you’re not frequently wearing (or will wear again) and rent them on Pickle, leaning on our guide to help inform what items, brands, and styles have enduring (and immediate) demand. 

Here’s to a more fun, stylish, affordable, and sustainable wedding season ahead,

Brian + Julia

Pickle’s co-founders

The Report

Table of Contents

Top 10 Brands to Shop | Top 10 Items To Shop | Category MVPs | Emerging Stars | Heritage Heroes | Top 10 Brands to List | Brides’ Most-wanted (Engagement to Honeymoon) | Bachelorette Party Most-wanted | Expert Analysis + Insights

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Among the 2000+ brands on Pickle, 10 emerged as clear frontrunners based on the combined average of saves, shares, and views. Demand for these brands shows up in our most-wanted items lists and in  Designers synonymous with the bohemian aesthetic—think free-flowing cuts, breathable fabrics, delicate florals, and feminine features—dominate. Cult Gaia claims the #1 spot with a contemporary twist on traditional boho, while Reformation secures the #2 spot as a go-to brand known for its light, linen fabrics, and feminine silhouettes. Offering an edgier take on today’s boho chic, Rat and Boa emerges as an all-star brand, securing its #5 rank thanks to the perfect blend of floral patterns, sheers, and soft ruffles, and stands as one of the top earners for those lending. Zimmermann and Alexis, two brands seamlessly embracing femininity, claim #9 and #10, respectively. Demand for their pieces continues to surge. We’ve seen a 257% month-over-month increase in offers on Zimmermann dresses.







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